Cannabis cultivation

Learn about the good agricultural practices of cannabis, from germination to harvesting to drying and much more. 
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Raul Rosado
Reading, slides, evaluation and certificate
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  • What are good practices
  • Varieties of cannabis
  • Propagation
  • Seeds and clones
  • Sowing and cultivation methods
  • Sowing media
  • Illumination
  • Stages of plant growth
  • Nutrients
  • Harvest
  • Drying and storage
  • Therapeutic effects
  • Pest control
Raul Rosado

Agronomist, educator, consultant, real estate broker, and hospitality manager.
Cannabis cultivation 

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation License, Organic, with this license I can advise on the cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis, help establish farms for those who need it and be able to work or establish related businesses. Ecological and Organic Agriculture

Real Estate Broker, Specializing in properties near areas of high ecological value.

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