Dispensary operations

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Jenifer Perdomo
Video, presentation, reading and evaluation
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Licensing and  Regulations
Hiring Plan
Processing,  Manufacturing and  Retail
Mother and clone care
Dispensary Operating Procedures
Jenifer Perdomo
Physician and Community Educator at Trulieve

I teach physicians and their staff about the medical marijuana program in the state of Florida. Including how to navigate the website as well as understanding routes of administration and dosing. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re a physician that needs assistance. If you’re a patient who’s physician would like assistance please forward them my contact info.

I’m a hardworking, self-motivated individual. Committed to provide excellent service with the utmost professionalism. Determined to expand my skills within a company that is dedicated to produce quality service in a team spirited environment. Extremely comfortable in fast paced settings.

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