Hemp and medical marijuana-real estate business considerations

Learn more about the real- estate and licensing considerations for the medical cannabis industry in Florida.
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Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA
Video, presentation, reading, evaluation and certification
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  • Difference between hemp and marijuana
  • Florida Legal History
  • Dispensaries
Dustin Robinson  Esq. CPA
Founding partner of Mr. Cannabis Law - Extensive legal experience with boutique law firm service.

The Manufacturing Staff Manufacture Assistant Extraction Specialist is responsible for commercial production, ensuring consistency and efficacy of product through quality control testing and procedures, mastering and controlling all equipment in a laboratory-type environment, working with pharmaceutical formulation and plant genetics expertise in CO2 extraction methods, purification, separation and isolation of various compounds, and organizing and directing the overall operation of the Laboratory. Activities include performance of chemical, microscopic and bacteriologic tests performed in the laboratory to obtain data, as well as analysis and interpretation of it to create client reports.

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