Medical Cannabis and Pets

Discover how to improve the quality of life of your pets
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Zac Pilossoph
video, presentation, reading, evaluation and certification
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  • Your dog's cannabinoid receptor
  • CB1
  • CB2
  • Endocannabinoids
  • Cannabis for medical aliments
  • Studies
  • Administering and dosing
  • Legality
Zac Pilossoph
Veterinary Content Consultant, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Nationally recognized Fear-Free Certified veterinarian, top graduate of Tufts University Veterinary School with post-graduate internship training in E/CC and Neurology/Neurosurgery, and eclectic serial entrepreneur, is rapidly helping to craft a new wave of advancement and empowerment. Dr. Zac is one of the most diversely licensed and practicing relief veterinarians in the US, who currently finds great enjoyment in continuously traveling across state lines to work in all types of veterinary hospitals and practices in need of short term assistance. In addition, Dr. Zac has begun to develop several new initiatives in the regenerative medicine space, mental wellness discussion, and digital health community, all related to the evolution and improvement of the veterinary industry. Lastly, Dr. Zac is one of the current figures helping to educate and promote several elements considered within the complementary/alternative medicine space. He is recognized as a speaker and an advocate for safe and effective therapeutic considerations that exist outside the realm of current conventional medicine, which can promote happier and healthier pets now and into the future.

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