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For everyone, anywhere and anytimeFor everyone, anywhere and anytime
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What our learners say about us

I am very satisfied with the course because they talk a lot about full spectrum cannabis, there is a lot of talk about Thc and its benefits obviously also about the rest of cannabinoids, but my point is that they do not demonize thc because of its psychoactivity. In fact, it shows you the truth that its responsible and controlled application has great benefits. For me they have 100% in what is information. Excellent!

Tancredo Serrano, Ecuador
I have taken the Pharmacology University pack. I liked it a lot for having a Standard format in each of the modules from agronomic management, The metabolism of Canabinoids, its mechanisms and mode of action, the use and management of them according to the problem, the difference in use between CBD and THC, its dosage in a responsible way, the Synergy of terpenes with cannabinoids, the benefits of using cannabis and sexuality breaking paradigms. Anyway, I liked the comprehensive agenda of managing the program from the cultivation, use and management of the plant. Thank you very much.
Luis Fernando Giraldo, Colombia
The courses are very interesting and well structured. Learning with the teachers' videos first and with the slide shows later is very simple. At the end, the multiple-response evaluation without stress directly on the platform and with the certificate in zero time. I would recommend it for sure.
 Raffaele, Spain 
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